We Does Agency is the first communications company in Canada that seeks to impact the
potential of its business, fulfilling the objective of making our clients' relationships with their
audiences profitable. We know how to decipher/analyze the language of each one of our clients,
understanding how to reach in the right way so that your brand strikes the strategic segment
that can generate a return on investment.


The best professionals to your service

Out Team

David Leonardo Mariño

Business Manager

Dreamer, migrant, Latino, Colombian, social communicator and journalist who enjoys constructive criticism, teamwork and opportunities based on passion, talent and effort. Co-founder of "We Does" and his pioneering concept in the development of communicative content in Spanish and English that will take his brand to another level, convinced of the potential that the Hispanic has in the development of the Canadian market and quality lover as a method to achieve the excellence. 

Elizabeth Mejía

Communication and public relations manager

Social Communicator and Journalist, Announcer and Public Relations, with more than 15 years of experience in the media of my country Colombia and Spain. Bringing my experience and my desire for more knowledge to this country, from the hand of a great team formed to do great things under the name of WEDOES AGENCY.

Johann Roa

Creative director

Creativo gráfico y pieza vital de nuestro equipo, enfocado en crear soluciones prácticas y creativas para la industria gráfica, con  experiencia en canales de televisión colombianos, agencias BTL, post productoras y agencias digitales. Experto en áreas como la animación 2d y 3d, edición y post producción, creación de piezas publicitarias para plataformas digitales e impresos, branding y fotografía.